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I was tagged by :iconrisanezu:

1. You must legitimately tag 10 people.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by your tagger and give 10 different questions to the people you tag.
3. You must share 10 things about yourself.
4. You must post the rules. 
5. You MUST have fun.


Oh great...more facts about me that I have to think of =w=;;

1. Uhhhh.....I'm a drawaholic//shot. I don't even care if that's not a word lol it should be. =w=
2. I'm addicted to dA, more than any other website, kinda yea that's right.
3. My nickname is Snow. And because of that I love the winter and the snow that falls, those tiny little pretty ice crystals are my minions. =v=
4. I'm usually really nice....Once you get to know me that is.
5. I have hard times trying to decide on certain things.
6. I like the plz icons like a lot. I complain sometimes about how they should just work for everything. xD I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
7. I'm a semi big Leverage fan. Mainly because of Christian Kane, his sexy ass
8. I like every kind of music. Except for some of the 'newest' "hiphop/R&B/whatever other name there is to it" I call it ghetto music. The stuff that's been coming out for the past 4-5 years.
9. There are some abbreviations that I just never understand. I can't list them because they're used ever so randomly and not often enough for me to pay attention to them.
10. Ummm....I like seafood =w=;;


1. What is your favorite anime genre?

Ummm....gosh idk. I never really thought about it. Hmmm....I guess like action/adventure idk.

2. What is your favorite instrument?

It used to be the Harp. Now it's the Guitar

3. Do you prefer digital or tradicional art?

Hmm...if I have paper and some pens or pencils. I'll do some traditional art. But I do like doing alot of digital art.

4. Do you still take any plusies to bed? :3

Nope. They all sit on my desk and watch me sleep. :3

5. Which is your favorite OC of mine?

This pretty bby - OC ref-sheet: Sato by RisaNezu
This fabu bby that threw glitter on Lucille(it was perf she likes sparkles too//slapped) - PCH: Count Allen of Millstone -Application by RisaNezu
This adorably cute bby - PokeCity-Heroes: Jamie Noname by RisaNezu
This handsome youngblood that Lucille needs to confide her time into//shot - PokeCity-Heroes: Rei Noname by RisaNezu

6. How many mangas have you already read and which ones?

Err...That's a long list, I'm pretty sure that you don't want to know all of them. If you do I'll tell you in a reply of a comment lol

7. What's your favorite season?

FUCKING WINTER!!! And Fallexcuse my language lol I get excited about winter

8. Have you ever been to Europe? If yes, to which country/coutries?

No I haven't ;w;

9. What would you do if your favorite OC suddenly knocked on your door?

One of my OCs? Man....I wouldn't know what to do. They're basically me lol.

An anime OC? I'd probably faint in happiness. Or like just find a way to just like tie them up so they can't leave :iconryukrapeface-plz:

One of your OCs? I'd squeal and be like. I HAVE POKEMANS!!!!//shot

10. Is there anything you are really afraid of?

Uhh....I don't think there is anything. Any fears I have are like really small or something stupid.

Errr.....ummm sorry I don't have any questions to ask. My brain is just like no. "What are questions?" Lol
But thanks for tagging me in this. Maybe next time I can probably cook up some questions and people to tag that wont hate me later...^^;

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So I'm doing this thingy
It's a really cool thing

An Akame ga Kill AU

I looked at Quinn
And I thought she'd be absolutely literally PERFECT for one of the main character roles
You should check it out and consider

Because there's a character that Quinn is basically a twin of, like she would fit the part so much since she's a really close match, 'cause she's a freaking badass, and it'd be really fun and all if she were a part of it
Pardon me if I'm talking too much heh ;w;
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ArashiFoxx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
SCREEE Thank you for the favorite omg <3
Kitty Jessica 
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