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Woot! I haven't made a journal entry in a while. And I think last time I did I was probably either complaining about not having internet, talking about point commissions, or wishing I had premium membershipor not ^w^ I don't mind not having it anymore. Lol

This time it's different! I'm have a few new topics to bring up about. A semi to-do list and so on and what not. xD
And I'll probably make separate journals just in case this one gets a bit too cluttered with info. I might actually just have to make new journals anyways. ;)

So without further ado~

= Point Commissions=

Outfit Commissions

So I know I said that I'm thinking about doing Outfit Point Commissions based off of a few people I know, irl, wanting me to make them an outfit or two and from :iconx-smiley-x: requesting that I do so. And I will actually, just to kinda of start it off. See what I can accomplish and if I can maybe broaden my knowledge of outfits that only I would probably wear. :)

I am going to plan out the different views of the outfit(headshotif there's a specific hairstyle, torsoif there's a certain way or style the shirt should be, and fullbody of course) :) I should have a journal up sometime this week. So hurray for that. :D

Portrait Commissions

I've been recently taking pictures from people that I know(pictures they took of themselves), and drawing over it to make them look animated. :) I've uploaded a few that I have done. And I can have a commission journal up for this pretty soon. Because I kinda of already know what how I'm going to go about the pricing for it. ^-^

So those of you who like what I do will have that to look forward to or not I guess. Lol :)

=To-Do List=

I know I'm definitely going to make a new journal for this. But first I think I'm going to make a small list on my phone, then expand it so that if I'm suppose to be making something for someone or a group or for more than one person I wont get lost or forget, and you can yell at me in the comments if I do. Don't actually CAPS yell me in the comments though please. That wont be fun. >w<

=Group Stuff=

I've been lacking on doing things for the groups that I am in. I feel bad about it. So I'm going to be catching up on those, especially. I miss being productive and roleplaying with the members. ^-^;

And for the group that I'm one of the admins for I need to step up my game up and do stuff for it. I also need an Admin book for Dummies lol jk maybe


I've just been drawing for my own pleasures~
Making random little things and whatnot. So some of those will be uploaded as they happen. And I was working with a pretty cool nonprofit organization and made a few wearable garments with them, and I used one of my characters on a few of the pieces. >w<

Woo! I'm going to be a busy bee! lol
Hopefully you all will like what I will have in stored for you. I'm trying to draw a lot so that I can try and improve my "skill". :3

Enjoy~ :D

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